Cupcakes and Cupids

Valentine Love Stories

It all began because of the cupcakes…

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Analeigh Russell is about to embark on the most import job of her life. Her new cupcakery, Let Them Eat Cake, has been contracted to provide cupcakes for an elegant wedding reception. But this isn’t just any ordinary wedding reception. The mother of the groom is a well-known food critic. Her magazine write-up can be the life or death of Analeigh’s new business.

Just as Analeigh sets out to make the delivery, a hit and run driver slams into her SUV, sending her precious, perfectly frosted cupcakes flying. As she regains her senses, Analeigh realizes that her dream of a great review may be over.

Just as all seems hopeless, good natured tow truck driver Danny arrives and he may just save the day and capture Analeigh’s heart at the same time. It also doesn’t hurt that he is a huge fan of Analeigh’s cupcakes.

CUPCAKES and CUPIDS is a perfect little Valentine’s themed read. It’s often funny, yet touching in places. The author packs a lot of story into just a few pages. The characters of Analeigh and Danny are sweet and well-defined. The cupcakes themselves almost become a character. Short, sharp, and whip-smart!

Book Blurb for Cupcakes and Cupids

Analeigh was on her way to make her first big delivery for her cupcake company, Let Them Eat Cake.

Everything was perfect. That was until she was in a hit and run accident leaving her cupcakes as road kill.

Analeigh thought there was no way she could save her cupcakes or her Valentine’s Day.

But, she hadn’t met Danny yet.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00