Color My Christmas

Timothy Martin is desperate. After a life altering accident which destroyed his career as a surgeon, he has exhausted every therapy and surgery possible in hopes of regaining the use of his hand.

His mother recommends he visit Meggie Martin, a sort of ‘alternative therapist’. Meggie has helped patients before, and she is Timothy’s last hope.

Meggie is a breath of fresh air to Timothy. She is vivacious, with bright red hair, tie-dye dresses, and over the top floral headbands. She is also the first person who is able to help him make progress, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

But Meggie has a secret that involves Timothy’s mother, and it is burning her soul. As she and Timothy grow closer, she knows she must confess all, and do it by Christmas.

Color My Christmas is a short, sweet contemporary romance that offers love and hope for the season. Meggie is caught between a rock and a hard place as she tries to help Timothy while simultaneously falling in love with him. It also shows a mother’s love has no bounds, even if it means it may destroy her relationship with her son. This is a short read, only about 10,000 words, but it is packed full of story and emotion that is perfect for this holiday season.

Book Blurb for Color My Christmas

After an unfortunate incident, Dr. Timothy Martin’s career as a surgeon is in tatters. Unable to cope with the changes in his life, his mother insists he visit Meggie Marie, a woman she says can perform miracles with her alternative therapy.

Timothy is reluctant, but maybe Meggie is his last chance to heal.

When he sees Meggie, he is intrigued by the eccentric woman with vibrant red hair, who wears tie-dye and flower headbands. When he gets to know her, she becomes something else to him – hope, joy, and maybe even love.

But is Meggie for real, or is she simply providing him with her special brand of therapy?

With Christmas just around the corner, has Timothy found his Christmas miracle, or is Meggie’s motive something darker waiting to be discovered?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00