Cinderella's Enchanted Night

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Cinderella's Enchanted Night

The Cinderella Body Club, #4

Annaliese Gallagher carries physical and emotional scars from her childhood, particularly a nasty scar on her back from an accident. She wonders if any man will ever be able to look beyond the scar at the real woman she is. Annaliese has always admired Elijah Burleigh, but she doubts he even notices her.

At a girl’s night out with three friends, stories are shared, but none so enthralling as friend Cami’s story about her grandmother and a magic locket. It turns out the magic locket grants the power of twenty-four hours of confidence and improved attitude. Cami acts quickly, and attends an event with Elijah. But what will happen when the magic wears off and she returns to her normal self?

Cinderella’s Enchanted Night is book 4 of The Cinderella Body Club. At first, I thought this would be just another ho-hum Cinderella princess read, but it is not. It is a well told, sweet romance with the lesson to love and accept yourself, flaws and all, because everyone is beautiful and unique in their own special way. The characters are lovely and warm, and the author’s writing style is unique and wonderful. An enchanting read. I look forward to reading the other stories in this delightful series.

Book Blurb for Cinderella's Enchanted Night

Annalise Gallagher wanted Elijah Burleigh. Plain and simple. She’d watched him from afar for months, her friends called her ‘his own personal stalker’, and then she made a wish on a magic pendant for a full-body makeover. Transformed into the gorgeous knockout she’d always wanted to be, she asked Elijah out on a date and wore a haute couture gown straight from Paris to his friend’s wedding.

With just twenty-four hours on the clock, her enchanted night faded into the morning hours and everything crashed down around her. Annalise harbored a shameful secret and Elijah demanded the truth with the veil of magic gone.

The truth, however, could destroy her fragile confidence and push him away forever.

Stands Alone: yes

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00