Christmas Kisses & Wishes

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Christmas Kisses & Wishes

The Christmas Love List Book 2

Recently divorced Finn is travelling as she debates her next steps in life. Along with her pug, Scorch, she arrives in the small town of Vine Grove in October.

Romance is in the air when Finn meets veterinarian, Keaton, and they bond over their love of animals. But the romance may be doomed on two fronts.

Finn is wishy-washy about her future plans, which creates issues within the budding the relationship. Also, as this is a Love List story, there is the little issue (well actually a BIG issue) surrounding their actual meeting.

"Christmas Kisses & Wishes" is a sweet contemporary holiday romance. It is short in length, but large in story. This is the third story in the Christmas Love List story I’ve read so far, and they are all very different, and very enjoyable, and "Christmas Kisses & Wishes" doesn’t disappoint. I must say though, I always cringe just a little when I begin a Love List story because of how the heroine comes to meet the hero through a bit of questionable means. It’s always fun to see how the heroine will overcome that bit of deception and how the hero will react to the truth.

Book Blurb for Christmas Kisses & Wishes

After her husband divorced her, Finn Dubose packed up her dog Scorch, gathered what was left of her dignity and set out on a twelve month adventure to find happiness.

All Finn wants is to go back to Charleston, South Carolina and spend the holidays with her grandmother after nine months of traveling from Florida, to Colorado, and then to Maine. But reluctantly, Finn promises Gran she’ll spend the last three months of the year in Seattle, Washington.

The spectacular vineyards in Eastern Washington entice Finn to drive from Seattle to the small town of Vine Grove. What she finds is a place full of kind, generous people, including, Keaton Vanhorn, a single, attractive, veterinarian. Even better, he loves animals as much as Finn.

Sometimes, a bottle of wine and The Love List is all you need to find love. Stop by the small town of Vine Grove and maybe you’ll be lucky in love too.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00