Christmas Country Wishes

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Christmas Country Wishes

The Christmas Love List Book 4

Registered Nurse Dakota Timmons leaves behind her city life and accepts a job in a much smaller, more homey town of Vine Grove. She begins attending a book club at a local wine shop, which in reality is a hub for gossip and wine tasting. It is here that Dakota is introduced to The Love List.

The Love List is basically a lucky pick of eligible men in the town. It’s the duty of the woman to make a date with the man she picks.

Dakota has been on a mission to locate her biological father. Although she loved the man she thought was her father, she has a burning desire to know her real father.

She is nearly in an accident with the intriguing Tristin Hart. The attraction is immediate and sizzling, and perhaps Fate has stepped in to help things along. But what happens when Tristin finds out about The Love List?

I have read a few of the books from the original ‘The Love List’ series, and one other in this Christmas series. I always kind of cringe when I think about how the men feel when they find out they were added to a list of other single men in town, and then chosen and called upon like a game. You can see the conflict here right away, but in Christmas Country Wishes, this inevitable discovery is handled flawlessly. Well written, and cute premise and lovely characters await you in this novella. Perhaps with such a heavy storyline as seeking out one’s biological parent the story could benefit from being a bit longer, but this does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the story.

Book Blurb for Christmas Country Wishes

Dakota Timmons changed her zip code for a man she's nevermet. She avoids an accident on her way into town with Tristan Hart. Then shecan't stop thinking about those piercing blue-green eyes beneath the Stetson. Hernew friends come up with a wild idea called TheLove List where she draws the name of an eligible bachelor in town to ask out.To her surprise she picks Tristan Hart. Now there are two men on her mind. Oneshe'd like to date. The other she'll shock with her news. Will her wishes cometrue in wine country?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00