Bayou Noël

Bayou Heat Novella

The Pantera is a group of panther shifters whose species is slowly, but surely, dying out. The remaining members must seek out mates to keep the group in existence. Molly is a Pantera Healer who is ready to find love. She falls in love with an Alpha male, Garrick, but he doesn’t seem to know she exists, even though she has been right under his nose for years as his mother’s carer.

Garrick is one of those dark and brooding guys who feels he isn’t worthy of love or family, and shuts out Molly until it is too late. Fed up and feeling like nothing more than a slave, Molly is determined to leave Garrick behind and find her own happiness.

Bayou Noel is a lightning fast read that seemed to end before it really got started. It is a prequel to the Bayou Heat series. The storyline is the tried and true of two people obviously perfect for each other but are blind to their attraction and compatibility. It’s well written, but difficult in parts to understand, which I think may be due to my not reading any of the other stories in the series. There’s not a lot of character development, likely because of a heavy storyline condensed into such a short story. It’s okay, but it didn’t really do it for me as a reader.

Book Blurb for Bayou Noël

‘Tis the season for new beginnings

Molly is through with spending Bayou Noel alone - after waiting five years for Garrick to notice her as more than just his mother’s caregiver. The aggravating male might always have a place in her heart, but she’s determined to find someone who wants to build a family with her. She has no idea that writing a letter of resignation will bring Garrick back to the Wildlands.

It will take a miracle to bring them together

Garrick can’t believe that Molly is willing to walk away. She’s not only become irreplaceable to his mother, but he’s become addicted to her letters when he was far away from home. He’ll be damned if he is going to let her slip away. But once back in the Wildlands, Garrick is forced to choose between opening his heart to the female he loves or risk losing her forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 3.50