A Home for Christmas

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A Home for Christmas

The Christmas Love List Book 3

After a house fire, single mom Kady is forced to move back to Vine Grove with her son Noah to live with her parents. She secures a job at a local wine shop, and prepares to begin a new life with her son.

A poor decision on Kady’s part finds her going out for groceries and tossing back a few too many in a bar. By luck, Kady runs into Editon, a man she knew from her high school days. Editon always had a crush on Kady, but never told her how he felt back then. Now he has a second chance.

This is the fourth book I’ve read in the Love List Christmas series. I wanted to love it, like I do the other three stories. Honestly, I’m not overly crazy about this book, especially the heroine Kady. Her behavior, especially in the beginning of the book is sketchy. She also comes off as a bit of an opportunist. Editon was okay when he was a handyman, but when she found out his worth and what he owns, he suddenly became desirable.

I love a second chance story, and especially one set around Christmas. The "A Home for Christmas" story is well written, just as all of the other Love List Christmas books. Although this is a sweet contemporary, it tackles bigger issues. Maybe if the story were full length, and Kady’s story and personality unfolded over a longer period of time, I might have liked her more. It’s just that I got a bad first impression on the character I couldn’t get over in the span of a novella.

Book Blurb for A Home for Christmas

Kady never thought that she and her son, Noah, would have to come back to Vine Grove. But after nearly losing everything in a fire, moving in with Mom and Dad was her only choice.

Kady finds a job in town at the Que Syrah Syrah wine shop. The ladies who meet at the shop create a group called The Love List. They draw names of single guys in town to possibly become someone special. No way is Kady drawing a name. The last thing Kady needs is a man, she needs to concentrate on getting her life back and finding a new home.

Local entrepreneur, Editon, has always had a crush on Kady, but she never knew. When he sees her again, all of his old feelings flood back. He’s trying to make a difference and build a community center in their small town. Will he have time to pursue Kady if she’ll take a chance on him?

Sometimes all you have to do is come home to find love.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.50