Austin & Beth

Austin & Beth is an erotic romance.

When he's not emotionally abusing his wife, Beth's husband Joe treats her like she's invisible. She finds true love with nineteen-year-old Austin, Joe's son from a former marriage. Austin is a shy college student home for the winter break. He puts Beth high up on a pedestal, worships her.

They have a secret sexual history, and after Austin returns home, their mutual attraction is rekindled. Beth goes through a hellish, emotional roller-coaster because she doesn't want to hurt Joe. Likewise, she can't let Austin go.

Beth's pregnancy complicates matters, adding to the family angst. She hides a heart-breaking secret from Joe while hiding her forbidden love for Austin. Austin doesn't make it easy for her, either. He tests boundaries, flirts with Beth, gives her the attention she craves, and Beth has a tough time resisting Austin. Then Joe gets dangerously suspicious.

The story escalates on a fateful night when Beth's secret is discovered. Then a twist is revealed on Joe's home computer.

A fairly typical love triangle with an atypical conclusion. I hated for the story to end, I loved Ms. Clark's angsty, witty writing style. It kept me turning the PDF pages! Austin & Beth has an exciting plot with strong characters you love to hate, and brave characters you fall in love with.

4.5 stars!

Book Blurb for Austin & Beth

Since Bethany's husband is a prick, she forms a close bond with sexy nineteen-year-old Austin.

Their bond turns to love. Their bodies yield to temptation and fantastic, explosive sex.

Only a matter of time before Bethany's dear husband finds out. And there's more than one shocking secret to uncover.

What could possibly go wrong?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50