Applying for Pleasure

Capture, Inc.

Fourteen years earlier, Ariel gets drunk at a party, then hurts someone in an unfortunate auto accident. She's normally intelligent and it was uncharacteristic for her to drink and drive. I'm also aware that Ariel's youth could've caused her reckless conduct.

As an adult, Ariel joins Capture Inc., a club that satisfies clients' fantasies for BDSM. Her fantasy is to be dominated by a stranger. John Martinez, one of the owners of Capture Inc., becomes infatuated with Ariel's photo. When they meet, Ariel is attracted to him as well.

Ariel's sister Isabel is overprotective, but has her reasons for being so. In a similar vein, John's brother is controlling, and these clashing personalities add to the main conflict.

I thought the plot twist about Ariel's love interest was well-thought and compelling. The sex scenes were believable, extremely well-written and steamy. Ms. James is a talented writer who knows how to elicit an emotional response through storytelling.

I loved the story. It was unique and exciting. Rated four stars.

Book Blurb for Applying for Pleasure

Ariel Lancaster submits an application to Capture Inc. She's intent on gifting herself a unique thirtieth birthday gift: the captive fantasy she's always dreamt about. Signing with Capture Inc. gives her an opportunity to have it brought to life. The night is everything she ever dreamed and more; her captor takes her body, heart and soul, not just for the night but hopefully for forever.

John Martinez, part owner of Capture Inc., a club which fulfills clients darkest desires, never expected to meet the one woman he'd end up falling for though his own company. He convinces himself he can remain aloof, but once he meets Ariel, all thoughts of remaining detached are gone. She's his captive and he's taken charge of her pleasure, but she's taken charge of his heart.

Then Ariel's past collides with her present, and history plays an awful cosmic joke. She finds a future with John suddenly out of her reach, but she applied for pleasure and John's determined to see that she gets it.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00