Worth the Wait

When your Uncle's the sheriff, your dad's the Mayor and your cousin the deputy, you definitely know that you have the law on your side. Unfortunately that also means a host of overprotective males, and half if not more of the town looking out for you when you don't want them to. Jade Taylor is tired of men who daren't lay a finger on her out of fear of her relatives. She wants a lot more than mere touching, but no man in town will get any closer than a respectful distance. Frustrated beyond measure, things look up for Jade when a motorcycle clad hottie turns up from out of town, with his equally hot friend in tow.

Vin D'Angelo is in town to scout locations for filming, he's also there to look up an old friend. In Jade he finds a very sexy woman, eager to be led astray. Jade is desperate to make up for years of being a `good girl'. What starts out as a hot fling quickly develops into something deeper and more meaningful. Vin and his friend aren't likely to stay in town beyond the time they have allotted. Vin is also keeping secrets that might well factor into how Jade feels about him.

There is a lot more to Jade's father's over protectiveness than first appears, and the deeper issues in this novel are deftly dealt with.

This is a really fun romance which manages to be hot, sweet and spicy at the same time. I loved the characters, the humor and the story.

Book Blurb for Worth the Wait

Jade’s law-enforcing, gun-toting relatives scare off every potential love interest she has in the small town of Moon River, Montana, leaving her frustrated and sexually deprived. Until bad boy Vin D’Angelo roars into town on a bad-ass motorcycle…along with his devilishly handsome friend and business partner, Noah Riley.

For one night of her very sheltered life, Jade gets everything she wants, needs and desires during an intense ménage with the two men. Come morning, though, it’s Vin’s sinfully delicious body she still craves—making him more than worth the wait.

Unfortunately, Vin has come to Moon River to reveal secrets he’s kept for eight years. Shocking revelations that threaten his new bond with Jade when she discovers who he really is…and how intricately he’s entwined with her painful past.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00