Working Out

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Working Out

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This is a well written novel with good characterization and plotting. All the boxes are ticked, even the kink one. While there is nothing wrong with this novel, I can’t help but think that Ms. Harte can write novels like this in her sleep. You won’t be sorry you bought it, but this one won’t stay in your memory after you’ve read the last line.

When you look like you belong in the playboy mansion, men don’t take you seriously. That combined with the fact that she has a history of picking losers is the reason why Maggie Doran has sworn off men for the time being.

Mac Jamison is all kinds of temptation, but he’s her boss, and every time they meet he never hesitates to say something that gets under her skin. Maggie is determined to ignore their mutual attraction, but she fails to realize just how competitive Mac is. Mac unknown to her is playing for keeps.

Book Blurb for Working Out

A woman with a history of picking Mr. Wrong.

A man with a powerful kink for control.

When lust turns to love, who's really on top?

Maggie Doran is off men, having gone through a string of poor relationships. Then like clockwork, her libido fires up over her new boss--the epitome of bad choices. The man is built like a Greek god, sexy, and has a harem of eager gym groupies willing to give him anything he wants at the drop of a hat. Yet one more Mr. Wrong to add to her list.

Mac Jameson fell in lust with his newest employee the moment he laid eyes on her. Four months later he's still in no-man's land. Maggie ignores him when she's not glaring holes through him. The woman doesn't seem to realize he's in charge. Unfortunately, no other woman will do, but he's afraid if he does get Maggie in his clutches, she'll bolt when she understands he's got a powerful kink for control.

Except she doesn't bolt. She wants more. But just as Mac realizes Maggie is the woman he wants forever, she gets a shot at fulfilling a lifelong dream that might take her far away. Will she leave him when he's just found her? And did he really think she could love a guy like him? When push comes to shove, Mac only knows he's not giving up without a fight. He'll command and conquer her body, heart and soul. Because losing her isn't an option. Pages: 143 pages

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50