Wolf Admirer

Paranormal Shadows Book 2

Poor characterization meant that not a single character behaved in way that was believable. The flaws remained in order to keep the poorly thought out plot flowing. This book is a perfect example of poor writing skills.

Book Blurb for Wolf Admirer

After running into a childhood crush, Mindy inherits the problem of finding a “date” for his wedding. Given the lack of time left, the task seems to be impossible. What about her secret admirer, who prefers to remain unknown? What about her friendly physician, Dr. Stenson? What if she went alone?

No one knows much about the good Dr. Andrew Stenson. No one, including his fellow shifters, knows about his past, and he’s not sharing that info with anyone. His wolf shifter side sees Mindy and thinks she may be the perfect match. But he’s not interested in a relationship, so why can’t he stop thinking about her?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 2.50