When Wolfe Calls

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When Wolfe Calls

Bad Boys, Inc.

This was a captivating interracial romance.

Victoria Ballentyne runs a wildlife sanctuary. Her problem is that developers are trying to secure the mineral rights to the land which the sanctuary stands on. She needs to get funding to purchase the land outright and keep the land safe from destruction. At a black tie event, Victoria’s attempts to secure funding have been met with rejection and in at least one case in an unwanted sexual advance. A fuming Victoria is approached by a handsome gentleman who while charming, also seems to be cut from the same cloth as her other unwanted suitor. He demands a kiss, and before she can reply, he heats her flesh with his embrace and presses a check for twice the amount she was trying to raise into her hand. Then Wolfe McCoy introduces himself and strides out of the building and to Vicky’s mind, out of her life.

Wolfe McCoy is the CEO of an organization called Bad Boys Inc. a government agency whose team members have dubious pasts and amazing abilities. Wolfe is a wolf shifter, Conner is an invisible man, and there is a vampire and other shifters on staff. Using their unique abilities they deal with jobs that other officials or soldiers could not accomplish. The land that runs adjacent to Victoria’s sanctuary is owned by Wolfe and is a retreat, for when he gives into the urge to shift and run in wolf form.

Victoria thinks that gaining the money to purchase the land is the answer to all her problems. Unfortunately while the other staff are away from the sanctuary, her phone lines are cut and threatening men surrounding her home and deliberately start a fire. Smelling smoke, Wolfe comes to the rescue and injures several of the men who are threatening Victoria. One manages to hit him with a bullet and Wolfe retreats inside Victoria’s house. Victoria is astonished that the wolf which appeared out of nowhere and attacked the men who tried to burn her out of her home turns into a naked and injured Wolfe McCoy.

Wolfe won’t let anyone get away with threatening his mate, but while injured he cannot return to wolf form. How can he protect Victoria effectively and more importantly, will she accept him as a permanent part of her life?

Book Blurb for When Wolfe Calls

On the outskirts of Washington DC, he ran in his shifter form, a wolf, alone with no pack streaking through the forest and exulting in the call of the wild. When Wolfe McCoy picks up the scent of kerosene and hears the plan of men trying to eliminate their victim, he follows them to a home in the middle of the woods. He smells the fear of the woman inside, and he knows that walking away from the mystery is impossible. Being the leader of the group Bad Boys Inc., Wolfe usually hands out the assignments, and now he is knee deep in one of his own. When he catches sight of Victoria Ballentine, he knows he has to save her and to possess her. But will the beautiful preservationist be able to see past the wolf to the man he is when his nature is revealed?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.25