Vampire Roarke Dimitru is on a mission for a supernatural agency and is about to have his cover blown as he barges into a room and asks the room's occupant if she will help him out by pretending to be his lover. Roarke doesn't recognize the beautiful woman as his mate. He just needs to finish his mission and the beautiful masked young woman he found in one of the rooms in the boarding house is going to help him. Months later the woman makes no effort to contact him and from the fact that he cannot get her off his mind Roarke suspects that she could have been his mate. More than a century later, Roarke is strongly attracted to rookie dhampir Jasmeen LeCourt. Jasmine is sexy, confident and off limits. She is his colleague and this is her first mission. Working undercover they may have to get naked but it's all part of the job and nothing to do with their personal feelings.

Jasmeen knows that Roarke is a ladies man and no matter how seductive she finds him, she's not stupid enough to fall for him. Roarke finds Jasmeen tempting beyond belief, and strangely familiar. He can't conform to the rules to keep his hands and other assorted body parts off the rookie. She's playing it cool but if she's his mate all bets are off.

I read this book without having read the previous one in the series and had no trouble getting into it. It's a great read with a strong story and great characters. I enjoyed the genre combination of interracial, paranormal and the law enforcement angle. Jasmeen is a strong confident woman who can more than match Roarke. Ms.Aidan knows how to turn up the heat and entertain the reader.

Book Blurb for Undercovers

Seasonal/ Vampire/ Paranormal


Short Story

When two detectives go undercover to bust up a prostitution ring, passion and love ignites, leaving them both stripped bare.

Sexy, playboy detective Roarke Dimitru has always enjoyed his carefree lifestyle and the lovely ladies that come with it. He isn't cut out for a heart mate and is convinced one woman will never be enough for him, until he meets Jasmeene LeCourt.

Despite her attraction to the older vampire, Jasmeene LeCourt has no time for ladies man Roarke Dimitru, and makes her dislike for him well known. Jasmeene is determined to keep Roarke at arms length, but they wind up getting a lot closer, and things become a lot hotter when they go under cover to bust up an illegal prostitution ring. Posing as one of her clients, Roarke will seduce Jasmeene until he has torn down every wall erected between them, leaving her stripped bare.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence. It picks up where Mating Season from the Caught in the Middle Anthology leaves off.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75