The Surrendering

D'Shar Men 3

Six years ago the alien race Shar, revealed that some of them had been living undetected on Earth and asked for permission for their entire race to relocate to Earth as their home planet was dying. Humanoid in appearance though with superior intelligence, speed, strength and psychic ability, this should mean that humans would find it hard to accept them without suspicion. One the reasons that they accepted at all are because of the work of scientist Dr Ivy Guerin. Her work and interviews with the Shar has made humans more accepting of their plight. Ivy is an unabashed nerd, and is fascinated by the Shar and one of their royals Kade. Like Ivy, Kade is a scientist and he's always wanted to meet Ivy but never had the opportunity. When the two do meet, the Wanting, the Shar mating instinct is triggered which though unexpected causes problems as Ivy is hiding a secret which leads her to think her future with Kade will be both glorious but short.

I read this book without having read any of the previous books which did not lessen the impact of this enjoyable sci-fi romance. I like the characterization of Ivy and Kade though I do think that as a relative newcomer to Earth his dialogue should have been far less colloquial and there were a few faults with editing. This did not detract from a romance which made me want to immediately download the other books and lose myself in the writing. Be warned that this book ends on a cliffhanger which is continued in the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for The Surrendering

Ivy Guerin has always been more focused on science than her sensual appetite. She's one of the top doctors in the field of genetics, working closely with the Shar from the moment they were revealed. She’s honored to be included on a top secret mission that involves space travel. But the biggest surprise is finding out she's Kade D’Shar’s mate.

Thrust into an alien mating period, Kade must balance his burgeoning romance with Ivy and his mission to defeat a powerful enemy. Their journey is full of ups and downs, forcing him to dig deep inside and reconnect with the savage genes of his alien race. As he redefines what it means to be a D’Shar man, he realizes in order to survive they all must undergo a surrendering.

Be Warned: public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00