The Runaway

Delilah is a slave who has escaped the vile abuse of her `owner' the Colonel.

Carson is a young man who is dirt poor, scraping a desperate living on a farm, miles away from any other person. It has been years since he has had another human being to talk to. When Carson finds Delilah near death, after having trudged for miles barefoot, he puts her on his burro and nurses her back to health. The only white men Delilah has ever been around have all been vicious rapists. Delilah does not know what to make of the man who treats her as an equal and seems desperately grateful for human company. Why is he being so kind? Why hasn't he tried to touch her?

I wasn't sure what to make of this love story set just after the American Civil war. Two desperate and lonely people who reach out to each other, regardless of the difference in their races. This turned out to be an unexpectedly beautiful romance. The reader knows that the two characters will face a lot of adversity, but they are emotionally strong people who have already overcome so much, and you cannot help but care about the characters enough to wish them well. Ms. Tower is to be commended, on how she skillfully manages to make this romance set during such a turbulent period believable and satisfying.

Book Blurb for The Runaway

Delilah is a runaway – an escaped slave desperately seeking her freedom from a sadistic owner. Carson is a lonely sodbuster who finds Delilah’s unconscious body near the outskirts of his dying farm. Two desperate people brought together by chance and threatened by fate in the form of Delilah’s former owner. Can Delilah learn to trust Carson and convince him to help her finish her escape?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00