The Right Christmas

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The Right Christmas

All Zariya wants is to be transferred back to the New York office and as far away from Nowheresville Alaska as possible. When the opportunity comes for her to return for some promotion work in the run up to Christmas, she's ecstatic. The plane doesn't make it to civilization, it has to make an emergency landing, and the pilot goes off to find help, and promptly forgets all about his passenger. With darkness falling, Zariya spends hours wandering in the snow and falls down on Patrick Vallen's doorstep. Patrick is far from welcoming, convinced that she's yet another prissy, shallow, city girl, so he treats her poorly until he realizes that she is suffering from exposure. While caring for her, her fevered ramblings reveal that there is more to Zariya than he first thought.

Intrigued and strongly attracted, they get closer and very quickly go from strangers to lovers. But when the storm is over, will Zariya find a reason to stay or rush back to civilization? Patrick has chosen to live in the isolation; he loves the unspoilt beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and never wants to return to the city. Zariya longs for the city, shopping, and decent service for her cell phone. She can see nothing beautiful about the great outdoors. Can these very different people realize that love can triumph over all?

A fabulous story where opposites attract and have to find a middle ground. A Keeper!

Book Blurb for The Right Christmas

Word Count: 20,600

My perfect Christmas, that was what Zariya Huette was looking for when she headed out of Anchorage to New York City for Christmas. Her company had placed her there for the past three years to head Aphrodite Perfume. What did she get? Sucky Christmas holidays stuck in a place where she didn’t want to be. So when the opportunity to go home for the holidays came around, she jumped at the chance. And while she was there she would beg to be relocated to the city she loved.

Who knew the small plane she was in would crash in the mountains of Alaska. No one would expect the pilot would hike off for help and never come back. Half frozen and exhausted, she stumbled to the door of Patrick Vallen and into his arms. Instead of having her perfect Christmas, she was snowbound in a cabin with the blizzard from hell coming in. But when Patrick kissed her socks off and then sent her out to chop wood, tempers flared, but passion flourished. Zariya may have been in search of the perfect Christmas, but she might end up with the right Christmas. If she doesn’t kill him first…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.50