The Promise

This is a very short novella about two people who have been dancing around their attraction, for some time. Tina and Craig are both workaholics, Tina is a bank operations manager and Craig is an architect. They’re friends who flirt, but who’ve never gone any further. Craig is a customer at the Tina’s bank and he refuses to do business with any other member of staff, only her. The previous spring, at a wedding they both attended, they finally kissed. And Tina found out how much Craig wanted her when he whispered in her ear, a promise of exactly how he wanted to make love to her. Now under the pretext of buying a Christmas tree, Tina is giving Craig the opportunity to keep his promise.

The Promise is a well written and enjoyably sensual novella. But I couldn’t help feeling how much better it would have been, if it had included a flashback to the events of the previous spring.  

Book Blurb for The Promise

Craig has been waiting for the right time to show Tina just how badly he wants her. His patience pays off when she visits him on his Christmas tree farm.

Tina could care less about buying a tree to decorate her home this holiday season. She's more concerned with the naughty promise he made to her months ago. For this couple, fulfillment of a promise could mean the beginning of a steamy rendezvous. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.75