The Last of His Kind

Naughty Fairy Tales

Penelope Jefferson is still recovering from losing her mother. Convinced that she has nothing to attract a man, she is amazed that the gorgeous and very nude man she finds half conscious on the banks of Loch Ness, finds her as attractive as she does him. Doric has been watching over Penny since her childhood. Can she be the one to break his curse and free him? And will Doric ever be able to not only trust a human, but love one?

I loved that the main characters had a connection prior to meeting on the beach, because the idea of love between them after one night together; no matter how hot, would not have been believable otherwise. I liked that Doric’s distrust and dislike of humans gave him more depth as a character.

Making the villain less of a caricature would have really taken this novel from OK into really good territory, but it this is an enjoyable novella.

Book Blurb for The Last of His Kind

What do you do when you stumble upon a naked, injured Adonis on your morning jog? You take him home and nurse him back to health, of course. If that involves the hottest sex a girl ever had, than so much the better, right?

Penelope Jefferson has returned to her childhood vacation spot at Loch Ness for peace, solitude, and inspiration. When she stumbles upon Doric she is floored by her body's instantaneous reaction to the stranger who washed up from the Loch.

Doric is the last of his kind. Cursed into the Loch by a witches spell, he needs acceptance from the very species he detests. When his little human is abducted after their night of bliss, will it spell the end for them both, or will they get to live the fairy tale? Heat Rating: 4 / Word Count: 21,800

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50