Solar Storm

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Solar Storm

I've always said I'll read anything and everything Ms. Carter writes. Her novels and novellas are always sexy, gripping, entertaining and emotive. You will never read a dull or so-so novel with this author's name attached.

Ms. Carter’s characters are fully relatable; though they go through heartache and tough times, they show courage and determination while keeping their sense of humor. I love her strong men and women, the way the first person narrative is often full of snark, and the sneaky way she often manages to insert bits of Brit-speak into her characters’ mouths. Mina Carter’s world building is as always superb and absorbing. It is fascinating to visualize how Rhys has changed and survived on her own, and become a captain of a solar vessel. The guilability of her younger self is fully believable. I always enjoy seeing that a male character though an alpha male has that vulnerability when it comes to the woman he loves; and the reader can see that clearly in Kelwin. What’s not to love? This book rocks!

Book Blurb for Solar Storm

She’s the one who got away. Now she’s uncharted territory…

Ten years after her rich-girl life fell apart, Rhys Devin is a changed woman—her name, her face, and her attitude. Now the fast-talking, hard-as-nails captain of the Grey Lady sails the most dangerous solar roads in the universe. Times are tough, but she gets the job done, sailing alone. Always watching over her shoulder.

The last thing she needs is a delay, but when she runs across a stranded sailor, she has no choice. The law of the road demands she rescue him.

Kelwin Sayeed is a soldier without a war. The retired War Commander’s latest and most ambitious hobby, the solar flyer Artemis, was supposed to prove him worthy of the famously reclusive Solar Sailors. Instead a catastrophic computer failure has him at the mercy of the most hazardous road of all: Icaria.

Confident he won’t be left to die in the golden spray, he waits for another sailor to come along. One that’s born and bred to the roads, with skin wizened like beaten gold. What he gets is a woman whose voice does things to his body that should be illegal. Whose golden-tinted skin sparks erotic fantasies.

The bride who ran from him a decade ago…

Warning: Contains a self re-invented woman with a low tolerance for B.S. and a tendency to snark, a hot former soldier with a brutal approach to protecting what’s his, and a solar-kissed romance that spans years.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00