Sex Therapy

When Nadia Aiden wrote ‘Sweet Ultimatum’ for Elloras Cave, she gained an instant fan, - me. Then she followed that up with ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’s daughter’, for another publisher, and I was following her in a literary and non-stalker sense, wherever her words would lead me. Ms Aiden knows how to write scorching sex, intense emotions and combine it with the kind of love that any woman would crave.

While I enjoyed this novella, it just felt flat to me. I never felt that the characters knew each other as anything but sex partners. If Elena Boucher is so sexually adventurous that she can go away to a kinky sex resort with a stranger. A stranger, moreover, who got her attention through the threat of blackmail, then why is she so sexually inexperienced?

What is the reader supposed to think of the calibre of a man who would read someone’s diary, and use it to hold a threat over her head? The threat of having her most personal fantasies exposed to the world?

Though I came to like the character of Julien Bond, I didn’t feel that I really knew him or Elena. The reasons behind her sexual inexperience and why she’d been celibate for two years was never answered. If this had been an emotively driven piece of erotica and not just straight erotica with an HEA thrown in at the end, I would have loved it. The addition of more character development wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

On another note, despite the cover picture of a Caucasian couple, this is an interracial romance, BW/WM.

If like me you are a fan of Ms Aiden’s writing, do read it. This book is for those who prefer erotica to erotic romance. 

Book Blurb for Sex Therapy

Contemporary /BDSM/ Multiple Partners/ Interracial



The good doctor may be the expert, but he proves himself the master, as he takes her on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy.

Dr. Elena Bouchere, an expert in women's sexuality, has just one tiny little secret, she's no expert! It's been two years since she's last had sex, which means most of her advice has nothing to do with personal experience, as she claims, and more to do with her own wild imagination.

And no one knows more about Elena's wild imagination than reporter Julien Bond, who just happens to be in possession of her very naughty, very explicit diary, which reveals all the sordid details of her fantasies, none of which she's ever brought to life. But Julien wants to rectify that, so he's made a list, and over the course of a weekend vacation at an exclusive fantasy resort, he begins each day with the promise of pleasure, and ends it with the fulfilment of one fantasy from Elena's diary, leaving her in anticipation of what he will do next.

The good doctor may be the expert, but Julien proves himself the master, as he takes Elena on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.00