Santa Baby

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Santa Baby

Arietta isn't really Trip's (what kind of a name is that?) mistress. She isn't living off him as a kept woman but ends up living with him in his penthouse after her apartment, in a dangerous part of the city has been broken into repeatedly. He's a very rich man and she's the daughter of successful gospel artists. They come from two different worlds. Arietta falls in lust and then love with Trip knowing that he doesn't believe in love. At the start of their relationship he is completely honest with her, and gives her no false illusions of a happily ever after.

Ari just offers him unconditional love and acceptance. Arietta has a serious talent, and her voice will eventually lead her to a recording career. Trip recognizes this the first time he hears her sing. What he doesn't know is that Arietta is going to be his salvation. Healing his damaged emotions and showing him that just as he is always prepared to be the strong one, stepping in to take care of his mother and siblings; that the people who love him best will protect him right back.

I enjoyed this interracial romance the passion between the two main characters is scorching and the love both luminous and believable. Trip had good reason to put his confidence in making money, rather than the fantasy of love. His sacrifice in putting all his energies into supporting his family and maintaining their lifestyle is an act of love in itself. Not that he sees it that way. But little does he know that just when he thinks his imminent bankruptcy means he has nothing left to offer Arietta, that she can give him back his faith with an unexpected gift.

Book Blurb for Santa Baby

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Multicultural

Length: Novel

Having been burned by his father's betrayal, real estate tycoon Trip Wakefield has no interest in love or relationships. Until he meets Arietta, a struggling, sultry, blues singer, in his favorite club. Seduced by the silken velvet of her voice, he pursues her with a single-minded purpose––Arietta in his bed, at any cost. He offers her a deal; if she will be his mistress she can have anything she desires, except his heart.

A woman who knows her own mind and goes for what she wants, Arietta decides that she wants him and his heart so she takes the ultimate gamble and agrees to become his mistress. But when the stock market crashes Trip loses everything. Knowing that he can’t keep up his end of their bargain he tells Arietta it’s over. Arietta takes another gamble and moves in with him and gives up everything she owns to help him rebuild his wealth. In a gift worthy of the Magi she offers him everything she has: herself.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play, exhibitionism.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.75