Rumpled Between the Sheets

Tales from Beowulf Hollow, #2

I love the idea of reinventing the classic Grimm brothers’ fairytales. Unfortunately this rendering of Rumplestilskin gave us an unlikable, tortured bad guy instead of a sexy anti-hero. I found it hard to fathom how Mary came to like him, never mind love him.

Keeping with the basics of the fairy tale should have given the author plenty to work with, the female protagonist has something Rumple wants and he's determined to get it. The whole way he went about it was too true to the fairy tale and put Benjamin's character in a corner where, in my eyes, he could not be redeemable.

I wanted to know more about the magic and how it worked than the romance between the main characters. So this tale failed to work its magic on me.

Book Blurb for Rumpled Between the Sheets

When Mary Becken’s mother passes away, she takes over her exclusive tailoring business. Not satisfied with the fabrics available, she unearths her mother’s loom and creates a new textile by weaving thin strands of gold. Soon her small mountain town of Beowulf Hollow is swarming with new customers and invitations come pouring in for New York Press Week.

Benjamin Elstiltzkin is downright ruthless when it comes to his fashion business, and no small town upstart is going to dethrone him as king of the fashion world. When he hatches a plan to force Miss Becken to work for him exclusively, the one thing he doesn't expect is the temptation she poses to his never-ending bachelorhood.

With a deadline looming to gather his collection, Benjamin might have met his match in more ways than one.

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 2.50