Revealing Thorn

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Revealing Thorn

Bad Boys, Inc.

Thorne Magnusson is part demon. Deeply ashamed of his demonic side, he tasks himself with killing demons intent on harming humans. Thorne is the only one who can completely destroy demons as he uses a sword Frieltjer, which has been blessed by the goddess Freya (we are never told how this came to happen). Wolfe McCoy, head of Bad Boys Inc. recruits him to protect witch, Lena Hendrix. Lena's child is prophesied to be very powerful and a demon called Dirik intends to be the father. The fact that the conception would be horribly painful and no human woman could survive the birth of the resulting hell spawn, is not something that concerns the demons much. Thorne Magnusson and Lena Hendrix had met previously; they both attended the same high school, and Thorne had never forgotten her. Like Romeo and Juliet they came from two different worlds, Lena was with the popular crowd, and Thorne was a loner who no one dared mess with. At the time, a love struck Thorne asked Lena out, but was turned down by Lena who was anxious to not fall out with her friends by dating outside her clique.

Lena is aware of the demonic threat. A telepath, she's had recurring dreams of the horror of being kidnapped by demons, raped and her body torn apart by her demon offspring. She has used her powers to protect herself while she sleeps, and has moved from city to city, moving house whenever she senses that the demons searching for her are getting close.

Much of the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious, and would benefit from tight editing. There are also a lot of holes in the plotting. Thorne falls for Lena near instantaneously, which stretches the bonds of credibility just a tad.

Book Blurb for Revealing Thorn

Demon slayer Thorn Magnusson is paid a visit by Wolfe McCoy, leader of Bad Boys Inc, and coerced into accepting an assignment that will clear his record, for good. His mission is to protect sassy witch, Lena Hendrix from Dirik, a descendant of Grendel.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, Lena invoked feelings deep within Thorn he couldn't understand, or ignore.

Their bond strengthens every moment they are together, and eventually he lowers his defenses, while continuing to harbor his dark secret. Who will protect Thorn's heart from the sensual vixen once she discovers his true identity?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 2.75