Reincarnated Hunger

Book five in the Ra's Chosen series.

When warrior Kysen meets Cena Barns he recognises her as the reincarnation of his lost love Acenith. She looks exactly the same as his Acenith. Now I understand why in films they have the same actress or actor play the part of a reincarnated character because film is all about visual images. Or because film makers think audiences have limited intelligence. But I would have found it so much more moving if Kysen had recognised her soul.

Cena Barns has Egyptian ancestry and her name is a variation of Acenith. These are all signs that Kysen takes as clues that this woman is his chosen mate. At first he is reluctant to test the theory because he already lost her once and he couldn’t face finding out that though she is Acineth reborn, she is not the one chosen by Ra to be his mate.

Cena is an ordinary girl, who is at first mystified by why this gorgeous man is so interested in her. She thinks that she set the bar too high and that is why no man has ever measured up to her ideal until – Kysen.

One thing that really struck me about Kysen is that while he clearly saw the similarities between Acineth and Cena, he also understood that she was now a different person and wanted to get to know Cena. Cena tries to rush him into a physical relationship. Now that she’s found the perfect man she’s all too ready to lose her virginity. Kysen is concerned that his blood hunger will cause Cena to realise he isn’t human, before he’s revealed the truth about himself to her.

Poor Kysen has to deal with the other warriors mates trying to find out where he keeps disappearing off to when he meets Cena. What he doesn’t take into account is that the demon they are fighting against is also very interested in his whereabouts. While he is trying to court Cena and confess that he is an immortal blood drinking warrior (not something you drop into casual conversation); his enemies decide to use Cena as bait to capture him.

This is a very satisfying read from Ms Chenery. There is also a strong hint of a mystery regarding the last unmated warror, Takan. I can’t wait to read it. 

Book Blurb for Reincarnated Hunger

Unlike his fellow warriors, Kysen already found his mate—the woman who stirred his blood like no other. But he’d been mortal at the time. When she died, he vowed to never love again. He feared the day Ra’s decree that all his warriors take mates would fall upon him. How could he spend eternity with a woman he could never love? But when he stumbles upon the spitting image of her, he wonders if his beloved has returned.

Cena is disappointed in men. Perhaps reading too many romance novels has done her in, but no man lives up to what she’s read…and dreamed. For years a faceless man has entered her sleep, filling her dreams with passion. Once she meets the tall stranger who stares at her with longing, her dreams come to life. Now she wants him in her bed. But once she has him there, her life changes forever. Thrust into a dangerous world she never knew existed, she must cheat death in this life to keep him.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.25