On Angel's Wings

Though this is a charming idea for a novella, this book lacked depth in the characterization. There wasn’t enough to Alexa and Angelo as characters for me as a reader to feel emotionally invested in their romance or to make Alexa’s swift about turn from a widow suffering survivors’ guilt to someone who can finally move forward work for me. I think Angelo’s angelic nature made him a less than believable character. Even on paper a person has to show that they are able to feel the full range of human emotions so that the reader can empathize with and engage with them. But Angelo was hampered by his goodness. The writer couldn’t show that Angelo was a believable three dimensional person, and considering that he and Alexa don’t have a merely platonic relationship, he should have been able to be more than mere sweetness and light.

Book Blurb for On Angel's Wings

Can his love mend her broken heart?

Alexa Gray has had more than one tragedy strike at Christmas. The thought of moving on makes her feel she's staining the memory of the love she shared with her dead husband and child. Can guardian angel Angelo show her she has more love inside her to give?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00