No Regrets

This well written novella has an identical plot and execution to that of another novella. Because the other author crafted the element of 'did she? will they?' so well, this book suffered for me as a result. What soldier at home on leave goes to a bar because he's come home unexpectedly and his wife isn't home? Wouldn't he have called her to inform her that he was home?

Does the wife play while her husband's away? Does the married man forget his marriage vows in the face of temptation? Too married people who have the perfect opportunity to cheat, but do they?

It is a great plot, but I wasn't in any doubt of the outcome, not for a second so that spoiled the tale for me, but it was well written and interesting.

Book Blurb for No Regrets

Azia Clemmon's husband has been on deployment for a little less than a year. On a whim she agrees to go out with a girlfriend. While at the club her girlfriend leaves and Azia is left to her own devices. Feeling empowered, wearing a little black dress, she decides to spend her night out on the town.

She meets a man and sparks fly.

Jase thought he was surprising his wife when he came home without telling her. He was the one in shock when he discovered her gone. Unsure what to do, he goes by the local club for a drink. That's where he saw her. It was wrong, he was a married man. She was a married woman. That didn't stop the desire that rocked his body for her. One night was all he asked for.

Come morning they would both have to go home and all they had promised each other was no regrets.

Heat Rating: 2 | Word Count: 7,770

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50