Mystic's Touch

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Mystic's Touch

I love a good fantasy novel and this one had a really intriguing plot. The king dies unexpectedly which means that his son, Prince Ceros has to be called back from his training abroad, but clearly someone is up to no good because the Prince is hardly able to preside over his father funeral before he is rendered near death due to an inexplicably strange illness. I really liked the heroine Danet, she’s an amazingly courageous and resourceful woman. I loved the connection between the two main characters and how they came to know each other through the unique perspective of being mentally connected. The secondary characters are well drawn too, and I could see some hints of possible romances for Prince Ceros’s friends who are an amazing group of warriors. This enjoyable novel has all the qualities that I look for when I want to lose myself in some great world building and get caught up in some engrossing storytelling.

Book Blurb for Mystic's Touch

Danet is a simple servant-turned-physician with one too many voices in her head. How she ended up being able to speak to the royal Prince with only their thoughts is beyond her but their unusual connection may end up saving his life.

After his father’s death, Prince Ceros was poised to assume the throne until he fell victim to a mysterious illness. He may be a glorious example of male perfection, but he also holds the power to expel Danet from the kingdom if her extraordinary gifts ever come to light. Gifts she may need call upon in order to heal him.

The laws of man might stand the test of time, but destiny is a force to be reckoned with, and true love will not be denied.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50