Linked By Blood

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Linked By Blood

Bloodsworn, #2

Bracca has a lot of stains on his soul and a lifetime of guilt to make up for. Though his vile actions are in his past and were not carried out by choice, it doesn't assuage his feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Although his new link to Avera St. John as her blade, has given him a reason for living. He still doesn't believe that he has the right to love or personal happiness.

Sheren Ni-Annun is the chatelaine of one of Devlin's holdings. Her late husband was a blade; a warrior, linked to Devlin's service in order to access the planet's magic. Sheren has vowed to never marry or be in anyway involved with another blade, but on meeting Bracca she is drawn from her usual caution to an unwilling attraction. Sheren is an empath and she senses Bracca's emotions and before they understand how or why, they have forged an emotional link. Their closeness leads to conflict and jealousy from those close to them. I've already gushed about the richness of Ms. Lane's world building, so I'll try and contain myself this time. Bracca is so wonderfully portrayed in Ms. Lane's writing that you cannot help but want the emotionally wounded warrior to find a love of his own. While this is Sheren and Bracca's story, there is enough of Avera and Devlin to satisfy me. As in the previous book, Ms. Lane's solidly brilliant storytelling skills had me captivated and entertained. If you are intrigued enough to want to read this book, do purchase the previous book too, you won't be sorry.

Hurry up please and return us to the planet Avalyr Ms. Lane. Don't make us readers wait too long for the opening of the next portal and more action, adventure and romance.

Book Blurb for Linked By Blood

The moment the mighty Blade, Bracca Cu-Laurian sees empath, Sheren Ni-Annun, he fights his desire for the young widowed mother. Not only is his life pledged to his Bloodsworn, but his past sins make him an unfit mate for any woman, let alone an empath. Never before has the line between desire and duty been so impossible to cross.

Sheren's late husband taught her to resent a Blade's duty, and she has since vowed to avoid those fierce warriors. Then Bracca awakens her empathic senses with a vengeance. How can she deny her feelings for him and possibly keep her vow? When her young son is linked to Bracca's Bloodsworn, the consequences that threaten to destroy them and those they hold dear, may also be the very thing that brings them together.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00