Terran Times Second Wave

I loved the synopsis of this enjoyable novel. I did wish that I'd read more of the previous books in this series as I felt I missed out by not having done so. The one disappointment for me as a reader, was that Rowen was in her twenties. As an Aunt, I had hoped that she would be considerably older. I also wished the author had taken the time to really build the sexual tension and intrigue between Rowen and Skorin, it would have given the romance more depth and made the novel longer.

This is a lovely romance with some intriguing and original world building.

Book Blurb for Knotted

Rowen went along with her niece to apply for the Volunteer project, and when she is asked to participate, she has to decide if the stars are for her. When they offer her an entire world full of gardens, she is hooked. There is only one problem, no alien can work on the surface of Irudan; they must be married to a local to work there.

Skorin Nakkua wants to get his family to stop asking him to get married, so when a marriage of convenience is requested by the Alliance, he agrees. His wife will live on Irudan and take on his social responsibilities with the community, leaving him free to focus on his life as Walking Darkness, the head of the Irudan Guardian Base.

He had never expected their paths to cross while he was on duty, but the new Lady Nakkua is far more than he imagined and the convenience of their marriage begins to chafe.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50