Honeybun Sheik

Honeybun Cousins: Book 2

Abdel is no typical Middle Eastern Prince, with traditional restrictive views about women. He's the complete opposite which has put him in danger with the rest of the Saudi Royals by his choosing to support women's rights and help his cousin to escape to the states and marry the man she loves.

His Uncle is determined to kill him for helping his cousin and his outspoken views which are seen by him as a betrayal of their family and their religion. Abdel is hiding out a snowbound ski chalet when he rescues a lovely American after her snowmobile narrowly misses hitting a bear. Little does Abdel know that his Honeybun is no damsel in distress, but is only too able to take care of both herself and her handsome Prince!

I love this book from the role reversal of Calia taking on the active role of bodyguard and protecting Abdel and that Abdel did not fit the stereotype of a narrow minded Arab. He's gorgeous, funny and appreciates both a joke and a woman who knows her own mind. I shall be checking out other books by this author. This one is an adventurous romp and a charmingly sexy romance.

Book Blurb for Honeybun Sheik

Callia Honeybun wants nothing more than a chance to rest up and heal from a bad breakup. Trained in weaponry and the martial arts, Callia is nobody’s victim. However, when she crashes her snowmobile during a blizzard and wakes up in the chalet of a gorgeous man with a Middle Eastern accent, she has no idea how dangerous her day is about to become.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50