Helena's Demon

This novel had great promise which it fulfilled to some extent. This story drew me in as a reader and had great worldbuilding. Unfortunately there were loose ends left open, which made the story seem unfinished, and begged the question 'Is there a sequel in the works?'

There was more worldbuilding than the story actually covering Helena's relationship with the Demon Cyn, which was a pity as that is what the reader is led to expect.

I enjoyed the story and wanted to know more, but the odd cliffhanger style ending was confusing.

Book Blurb for Helena's Demon

Helena never considered the consequences of striking a bargain with her personal demon, Cyn. The entire Pearsall line was cursed, so what did she have to lose? She would have done damn near anything to stave off bill collectors and ensure her aunt received the best medical treatment possible. When her luck turned around and it was time to make good on that bargain, Helena discovers she's giving up more than her soul. Is it possible to fall in love with a demon?

After sealing the deal with Helena's blood, Cyn is determined to keep the mocha-skinned beauty by his side. The curse had claimed the majority of her family and now he must work extra hard to ensure her safety. However, there's more to Helena than meets the eye. He soon discovers she is the key to ending the Pearsall curse and an instrument for unleashing Hell on earth.

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 3.00