Gargoyle's Challenge

Gargoyles, #2

I have been a fan of Ms. Foxx’s writing for some time. Of all her series, her take on gargoyles are my favorites. One of things I love about any romance is the first meeting of the main characters, and the first time Aman Jacobs and Sergei meet is one that I have re-read countless times, because it has all the sparks and wonderful dialogue that I relish. The combination of humor with the main character Aman's inner snark, and the emotive elements of the romance, not the mention the steam - whoo! Blew me away.

My only problem, is that Sergei is one of those alpha males whose behavior doesn’t just border on overly possessive it crosses the line. I understand that when Sergei meets the woman he has been waiting a lifetime for, that every instinct in him wants to hold onto her and never let go, but I was firmly with Aman on wanting to slap him upside the head.

I’m glad that Aman is not a weak and submissive character; she has to be when dealing with a gorgeous gargoyle who believes he owns her. This is a delicious romance, and a series I can’t get enough of. If you love a well written paranormal romance with great world building then do not delay in purchasing this book, and the previous one, GARGOYLE’S MATE.

I’ve never looked at gargoyles on buildings in quite the same way since, and I urge Ms. Foxx, ‘Please write faster!’

Book Blurb for Gargoyle's Challenge

Ebony Beauties Wanted To Marry Rich Bachelors.

Age: Unimportant. Must be willing to relocate.

Criterion: Winged Shaped Birthmark.

Tattoos are not acceptable!!!

Aman Jacobs almost fell out of her chair after reading the personal ad on the cover of her morning paper. It had to be a joke. What kind of gold diggers would respond? Better still what type of desperate old man would place the ad in the first place? To each his own! She just knew she and her little winged birthmark were going to stay clear.

Theirs was a chance meeting and Sergei Romanov considered himself a lucky gargoyle to have found his mate so quickly while others of his species faced an uncertain future. He longs for the day when his little hell-cat will accept their union instead of tormenting him at every turn. Just when it seems the couple has reached an insurmountable impasse a snap decision threatens to tear the pair apart permanently and push Sergei to the point of no return.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00