Foreseen Hunger

Book six in the Ra's Chosen series.

Takan the last of Ra’s immortal warriors to be mated, finds that his mate Fallon, having survived an attack from the undead, is in no hurry to have any kind of relationship with someone with fangs.

Fallon has trained herself to kill the undead, working as a receptionist by day and fighting evil at night. Takan isn’t sure how to deal with his mate being as much a warrior as he is, but he cannot allow her to fight alone, she’s mortal and vulnerable. It isn’t just awesome fighting abilities that Fallon has she is also able to sense the undead and track the location of the minor demon, Mot. More at risk than any mate before because of the threat she is to their enemy, Ra intervenes. Fallon cannot be allowed to let her fears keep her from Takan’s side.

This is the last book in a great series. Though there is a small hint that Ra himself is fed up of being single. So only Ms. Chenery herself knows if this is the final book, but I’ve certainly enjoyed reading them.

We at last find out the secret Takan has been hiding from his warrior brethren. And Ms. Chenery teaches the reader that there is another fictional plot device as bafflingly effective, as Clarke Kent’s glasses. 

Book Blurb for Foreseen Hunger

Takan has hidden who he is for three thousand years, but the time for secrecy is coming to an end. He knows it, and more importantly, Ra knows it. To complicate matters, Takan has found his mate. And she means more than happily-ever-after and smokin’ hot sex. She’s the key to ending the demon god Apep’s threat to the mortal realm. Too bad Takan, and who he is, scares the bejesus out of her.

Falon lost her love years ago to the bite of an undead and has spent her nights hunting the creatures ever since. When she happens upon a man fighting the same fight as she, relief overcomes her. She’s not alone. But when she kisses him and discovers his fangs, she does what any warrior girl would do—she stabs him.

Just as the couple is coming to terms with their relationship, Ra drops a bomb that changes Takan forever, and Falon discovers her true destiny. The couple must deal with a new beginning while bringing an end to an age-old battle.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75