Flights of Fantasy

Ms. Carter is always someone who can be trusted to provide an interesting premise and great plotting, and this book is a good example of that. Kyla is 'everywoman', she's been through a divorce and she is isn't eager to get back on the horse so to speak, she certainly has no intention of trying or pushing her luck with the object of her fantasies, when she finds herself seated next to him on a plane.

This a funny, sexy read, and any reader can identify with Kyla, not knowing if she can trust that there could be more to her time with Alex than a brief fling. I thought this novella was too short, but it hit all the spots and the reader isn't left in any doubt about how the two main characters feel about each other, which I really liked.

Book Blurb for Flights of Fantasy

Kyla doesn't think she's ready to date yet. But when she's seated next to Hollywood heartthrob Alex Richards on a long flight, she figures a fantasy or two can't hurt. When the proverbial shit hits the fan at thirty thousand feet, she ends up in his lap like some crazy fangirl and flees in embarrassment the second the plane lands, losing a shoe in her haste.

Then Alex turns up in the same hotel bar and invites her to his room to recover her wayward footwear. She doesn't expect him to open the door half-naked-or have far more planned than just giving back her lost property.

One night, one heartthrob, insatiable lust and years of fantasies to fulfill. Who says a girl can't have her cake and eat it too?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25