Fatal Hearts

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Fatal Hearts

This is a wonderfully suspenseful romance thriller. I loved how the author so deftly depicted the characters of Josh and Boyd McBride. As a reader I wish I'd known him, and throughout the book the author injects the sense of loss that everyone who'd known Josh felt. I did guess who the murderer was, which is rare for me because I usually fall for every red herring. I was completely captivated by the mystery of Josh and Boyd's parentage and how important it was to Boyd to prove that Josh was murdered. You will find this a very enjoyable read with well developed characterization and a great story.

Norah Wilson is a gem, and I will definitely pick out another book with her name on the cover.

Book Blurb for Fatal Hearts

The reports stated Josh McBride’s death was from sudden cardiac arrest, but homicide detective Boyd McBride can’t shake the idea that his identical twin brother’s death was somehow connected to his search for the adopted boys’ birth parents. Josh must have been close to the truth…and it cost him his life.

When Boyd comes to medical resident Hayden Walsh’s ER looking for answers, she agrees to help with his investigation because Josh was a friend. As unnerved as she is by her attraction to the detective, she knows it will be impossible to avoid romantic entanglement…and the mess that comes with it.

The investigation uncovers dangerous secrets, and Boyd and Hayden’s passion ignites. Only they can keep each other safe from a threat that lurks inside a life-long mystery.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50