Falling for Her Husband

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Falling for Her Husband

The Renaldis, #3

Amber and Vince marry in haste and quickly realise that their busy work schedules and the locations of their respective professions keep them apart. Amber and Vince were so swiftly caught up in falling in love that they have never seriously considered how they could make their marriage work. It is understandable that Amber as a successful model's career is important to her but she marries a man whose business is based in another country and neither she nor he, realise that this is a big hindrance to their relationship.

I thought a lot of the dialogue and all of the sex scenes were oddly stilted. I also had no patience with Amber as a character, because she didn't seem to value her marriage enough to fight for it. Her 'I love you, but it's not working so we should divorce' attitude made her appear immature; too immature for marriage. While Vince's character is more admirable, and his dilemma regarding Amber's amnesia, is something that the reader can sympathize with, the book itself is unoriginal.

Book Blurb for Falling for Her Husband

She’s desperate to remember…and he’s desperate to forget.

As one of the heads of his family’s well-respected fashion house, Vincenzo Renaldi is used to living life at light speed. His relationship with Amber, a successful model, was the definition of “jet-set”, from whirlwind romance to quickie wedding. Now, at the rate these two workaholics are going, they may as well live in two different worlds.

Determined to recapture the magic that drew them together, Vince flies to New York to confront his wife. And only succeeds in chasing her away—straight into the path of a moving car.

When Amber awakens in the hospital, she’s overjoyed to see her husband by her side. Yet there’s something behind the relief in his tired eyes. And something behind his determination to treat her like a queen. Something that lurks just beyond the shadows of her missing memories.

And when the truth re-emerges, the pain could be a sign of healing…or the final straw that tears them apart once and for all.

Warning: The last of the Renaldi brothers finally gets his story. Which means a hot and possessive Italian man is on the menu, determined to show his beautiful wife just how much he loves her. In every sizzling, sexy way he can.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 3.00