Embrace the Hunger

Book four in the Ra's Chosen series.

One by one the sun god Ra’s chosen warriors are mated, just as predicted. Akori is determined to put off his fate. He is in no hurry to be stuck with one woman for eternity. Akori just wants to continue with their task of protecting humanity from the undead, and foil the evil machinations of the demon, Mot.

But his blood hunger is increasing, a sure sign that the time for meeting his mate is approaching. Stubbornly Akori tries to stay in unless he is working, trying to avoid the inevitable. Then one day, a woman takes his photo and asks if she can use the warrior’s base as a location for a photographic shoot. From the way that Akori finds himself reacting to her, it’s clear she’s his mate. She leaves him her card and Akori can’t bring himself to throw it away. Giving in he calls her and agrees to model for her.

Jordan is confused that the hunk who was so rude to her at their first meeting, can’t take his eyes off her during the shoot, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the female models posing with him are gorgeous. Nor is she sure what to make of it when he knocks her socks off with a kiss that contains enough sexual heat to scorch a small planet. There is a hilarious scene where Akori complains that his jeans don't fit - they are too small! I had to turn away from my screen to get my breath back.

Once Akori gets to know her, he realizes that he needs to explain to Jordan who and what he is, before he gives in to the urge to bite her, and frightens her off. Jordan suspects that Akori is hiding something from her, but when Akori’s life is at stake, can she risk her own to save him?

I liked the fact that though Akori was stubborn he wasn't so absolutely mule-headed that he was irritating. And any female can empathize with Jordan, a woman who, while confident in herself is surrounded by the 'ideal' of what a woman is supposed to look like and doesn't feel that in comparison that she measures up.

I wasn't really convinced that she knew him well enough to be so committed to him emotionally so soon, but I liked both of them as characters and I found this novel to be an original take on both Ancient Egypt and the current crop of 'Warrior' paranormal novels.

Reading this book made me want to read the previous books in the series. So I will definitely be checking them out..

Book Blurb for Embrace the Hunger

Akori wants nothing to do with this whole mate business. Some of his fellow warriors may have succumbed to what Ra deems an inescapable fate, but Akori knows better. If he can avoid placing himself in a situation where destiny can gain the upper hand, he’ll be fine. No problem. What he doesn’t count on is fate showing up on his doorstep.

Jordan didn’t expect to find the added bonus of a hotter-than-hell man while out scouting photo shoot locations, but her artistic eye knows what sin in jeans looks like, and this guy is it. Used to taking the backseat to her models, she’s pleasantly surprised when Akori looks at her with hunger in his eyes.

But as things heat up, danger approaches, and Jordan discovers she must not only accept Akori for what he truly is, but also save him from a fate worse than death.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.25