Eden's Black Rose

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Eden's Black Rose

The Champion Chronicles

This book has an interesting premise, it is just not terribly well executed. This novel would have worked much better as a contemporary novel, especially as the author had the dialogue veering between blatantly modern speech peppered with the occasional use of the phrase `tis' as a partial nod to the historical setting. The author also goes from one character's first person perspective to another's without warning.

As a female doctor during the 1800's Serina would have encountered prejudice; not to mention surprise over her gender and profession. Instead everyone takes everything at face value, even the man servant who brings Lucien and his sister Raven to Serina, and has witnessed their fatal injuries and doesn't find it strange that when he sees them again mere hours later, they have not only survived, but are not even bedridden. This makes a nonsense of Serina's worries that someone might witness her psychic ability, and have her executed as a witch.

The over use of humor is the novel just breaks the tension of what is also a vampire novel. What could have been an entertaining novel was ruined by the many poorly thought out aspects of the plot; such as having a doctor who routinely works in a mortuary vomit at the gory state of injured patients.

Book Blurb for Eden's Black Rose

Paranormal Black Rose 
Rating: Spicy 
Page Count: 350 
Dr. Serina Spencer is a young enchantress with hidden talents that she’d like kept that way. While walking home from her place of employment, she inadvertently wishes for a man to show up on her door stoop, alive, in one bloody piece, betrothed to no one and interested in anyone other than himself for a welcome change.
Serina finds out the hard way it’s not what you wish for, but how, when a young man gets delivered to her door ravaged by a vampire. After years of hiding her powers from the world Serina is faced with a choice, use them or lose the one man that can make her dreams come true.
Lucian St. James is not your typical royal heir to the throne, wanting nothing to do with his heritage until that option is stolen from him. Awakening in a bloody carriage with a gorgeous greeneyed beauty buried within his loins he finds out fast all things are not as they seem. Countless lies have been told, family members murdered, and now Lucian and Serina find themselves in the centre of a macabre plot to knock out all heirs to the throne beginning with him on his honeymoon.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 2.75