Echoes of Darkness

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Echoes of Darkness

The Siorai Legacy

There are always those moments in a horror movie, when the too stupid to live characters decide to check out the noises in the basement/dungeon/attic. Usually the room has a broken light bulb, and of course the flashlight battery runs out. For some inexplicable reason - to do with the plot, they split up and you feel compelled to shout at the screen, `Don't go down there!'. There are a lot of moments in this novel when I felt compelled to shout at the hero immortal Fallon O'Callahan, who takes stubbornness to new levels.

Fallon fights against his destiny as an immortal warrior and refused to show due respect to even the gods. He meets Elizabeth when as a coroner she is about to perform an autopsy on him, until he suddenly sits up and gives every appearance of being alive and well. Then the advent of the evil that Fallon and the other warriors are tasked to defeat means that hell almost literally breaks loose in Elizabeth's home town. Bodies are found everywhere and even humans who have no idea of the supernatural warfare going on around them are staying in after dark.

Fallon knows that Elizabeth is his destined counterpart; he knows that she will be stronger and more able to deal with the evil they face if he completes the bonding between them. Of course Mr. Stubborn waits until the last minute to do that, by stubbornly trying to protect her, he hurts her by constantly pushing away a woman who has come to love him. I just found Fallon to be too vexing for words. I wanted Elizabeth to beat some sense into him. The story itself was gripping, but only fault with the writing is that the Ms. Moxon allowed Fallon's main character trait to be so frustratingly annoying; when I just wanted to see Elizabeth and Fallon team up and become the dynamic duo they were meant to be.

Book Blurb for Echoes of Darkness

An immortal warrior she should fear, but can’t deny... Clairvoyant Elizabeth Forrester seeks refuge from the spirits that frequent her morgue. When a handsome corpse awakens in the midst of his autopsy, running is the last thing on her mind. Thrust into a sensual new world, she yearns for the magic of his touch.

An innocent woman he can never possess, but can’t refuse...

Cursed to an eternity of darkness, Fallon O’Callaghan is a warrior by nature, an outcast by choice. For 500 years, he has striven to atone for the one mistake he can never forget. When a beautiful psychic shatters the barriers around his heart, her face haunts him as much as his past. But when an ancient evil threatens to destroy the world... Bonded by blood and their new-found love, they are drawn into a world of darkness. Can they defeat their personal demons in time to save humanity?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.25