Drawing the Stud

If you enjoy a well written romance that stands out due to strong characterization, then you will love this book. No matter how drawn Pace is to Jay she is determined to keep him at arms length because he has such a domineering personality, just like her father.

I can completely understand why and how she came to that decision. Jay is a take charge kind of guy but Pace is no pushover and he is there to provide emotional support when her brother is missing and she needs answers as to his whereabouts and the missing millions. Whether or not you love interracial romances, you will enjoy the sparks that fly every time Pace and Jay are together. The main characters are so well defined that you can perfectly envision them. The reader can also see that these two belong together. If you like your romances spicy then you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Drawing the Stud

Pace Whitaker is one of the few women who ever turned fabulously wealthy Jay Adams down. His alpha tendencies were too intense and she stopped seeing him after a couple of dates. Now her brother is missing, along with millions of dollars of client money. She’s forced to make a multimillion-dollar wager with Jay in order to save her brother from a lengthy jail sentence.

Jay welcomes a second opportunity to get Pace into his bed, but knows he has to play his cards right, otherwise she’ll run again. She’ll get the money, but only if she agrees to be Jay’s mistress.

Keeping her side of the bargain is no hardship for Pace. One night in Jay’s arms leaves her craving more. Before long, they’re all-in for a high-stakes love affair, but overcoming her fears might be more than even he can ante up for.

Inside Scoop: There are more than card games going on as this interracial couple gambles on love.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00