Destiny's Surrender

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Destiny's Surrender

The queen of black historical romance strikes again! Wilhemina ‘Billie’ is a soiled dove working in a brothel. One of her clients, Andrew Yates has become her sole patron and when her contraception fails and she finds herself pregnant, the brothel owner demands that she abort the child, or hand the child over as soon as she gives birth. Meanwhile, Drew has no idea that his ‘Mina’ is carrying his child, and he is arranging a marriage with a suitable young woman from a good family.

I was so eager to read anything with Ms. Jenkins name on it that I didn’t bother to read the synopsis. So the only thing I knew on reading the first few pages was that I was guaranteed to be entertained. When I encountered the character of Billie and it is clear that she was unapologetically a whore, I was a mite surprised. I continued to read and wondered, ‘Was the child Billie was carrying the heroine?’ and ‘why is Ms. Jenkins devoting so much of the book to a prostitute who must be a secondary character?’

I of course realized that no matter what, even with an unconventional heroine, that with all Ms. Jenkins novels that this would be a sweet read.

I read the book in one sitting and loved it.

Ms. Jenkins has provided the reader with many lead female characters who were virtuous as well as strong, courageous and intelligent; but as well as being a surprise, Billie was a joy. I cheered for her in every step of the narrative and laughed with her over her and Drew’s tumultuous relationship. I haven’t read the previous novel in the series, but the secondary characters in Drew’s family took hold of my emotions too. It is impossible to read a Beverly Jenkins novel without a silly smirk on your face and have your emotions enraptured by the depth of her writing. Not only is Ms. Jenkins the only author writing in this genre, but she is simply the best. Long live the Queen!

Book Blurb for Destiny's Surrender

Fan-favorite author Beverly Jenkins is back with the story of a man, his mistress, and the baby he knew nothing about

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00