Delivered Into His Hands

WindWorld, #17

I have enjoyed all of this author's WINDVERSE novels. Strangely, I just couldn't get into this one and be motivated to care about the characters. This is one of the rare books that I could not finish.

Book Blurb for Delivered Into His Hands

He is the bastard son of the invading king, she the daughter of a baron. An ancient prophecy binds them long before birth. Love will be theirs despite the tremendous odds —he’s a Vampire and she’s human.

To Garrick Warwyck, Antonia Blackthorn is his world. Her body and soul belong to him. Antonia’s fire heats his blood. Her touch renders him helpless. Nothing will prevent him from branding her his own.

From the moment Antonia lays eyes on Garrick, she feels the pull of a woman for her Life-mate. He is all she’s ever dreamed—a living, breathing hero from the pages of her romance novels. Becoming his wife might be a wise political move for her family but to her, it’s a wish come true.

In the shadows another man bides his time. Alyxdair Clay has loved Antonia since childhood. Despite the prophecy and claim Warwyck makes upon her, Alyxdair will do everything in his power to tear them apart.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 2.50