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Darke London

Uncanny Chronicles 1

A historical novel with a credibly evil villain and excellent character development. This is an emotive and enjoyable novel which isn’t at all run of the mill. Aside from the action and mystery, this is a romance between a Victorian doctor and a woman who was horribly mutilated, scarred and left for dead. Julian is looking for answers like any adoptee, he wants to know where he comes from. Rescuing Nellie and finding out why an attempt was made on her life might be the key to finding the answers he’s sought all his life.

As a reader I really wanted Julian’s questions about his origins to be answered and I was drawn into this unconventional mystery. Julian is a wonderful leading man, he’s kind, caring, gifted both medically and with mechanics and is so unique a male, that he can love a woman who is less than physically perfect.

Nellie is doubly courageous, to be able to trust in love again, after all she has been through and to be able to face the world which is far from kind to those who are physically different. If you like your historical novels to be plot and character driven then I’d recommend this novel.

Book Blurb for Darke London

The only way to save her life is to resurrect the dead…

Uncanny Chronicles, Book 1

Julian Darke was only a newborn when he was abandoned on the doorstep of a gentleman doctor. Though raised with love, he is driven to discover his true origins.

Convinced Sir Thaddeus Ormond knows something, Julian shadows him one night—and is shocked to see a young woman thrown from Ormond’s carriage and accosted by a thug. Julian manages to save her life, but not her face and hands from horrific injuries.

Nellie Barchester doesn’t recognize the scarred, disfigured stranger in the mirror. Though the gifted doctor and engineer has done his best to repair the damage, scars ravage her body, and chill her soul with the realization that her own husband may have plotted her death.

Julian’s tenderness is a balm to her soul, and Nellie is drawn to the edge of passion by a man not repelled by her deformities. But as their pursuit of the truth draws them into London’s underbelly, they cross the path of a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to fulfill his schemes.

Warning: Can a brilliant but troubled doctor find happiness with a woman scarred both inside and out? A hint of the supernatural plus a night of passion spice up this Uncanny Chronicle.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00