Dance With Me

Andrea Nichols is a divorcee, who finds strength not just in her faith, but also in herself. Her divorce has just been finalized and her ex-husband has conveniently disappeared and cannot be traced for child support. Andrea has had to raise her sons alone because her ex wasn’t a man who took any active part in the role of being a father. When her pastor suggests that there is a local community center that needs a properly qualified dance teacher; Andrea is a little intimidated. She hasn’t danced in ten years and she is required to audition.

Harmon Gale is a former boxer, who used his fame and money to help his community. When Andrea dances for him at her audition, she is struck by how deeply she is affected, just by having his eyes on her.

Harmon can’t believe that any man could be married to someone as lovely as Andrea and not treat her like the precious gift she is.

To her amazement, Andrea finds that Harmon already knows her sons and seeing him with both them and the other children at the community center, makes Andrea see that Harmon is a different caliber of man to her former husband. She finds Harmon very attractive but she’s not in any hurry to get back into the dating game.

When she finds out more about Harmon’s past, there is even more reasons to admire him. The sensual elements were written a little ‘purple’ for my taste, but this is a charming interracial romance.

Book Blurb for Dance With Me

Ex dancer, Andrea Nichols' divorce is finally finalized and to her horror she is left with a house that is falling apart, a car on the brink of death, bills piling up and ten year old twin boys. She is left feeling exposed and betrayed. With her sons away for soccer camp, Andrea reluctantly drags herself to church for answers on what to do next. When her pastor suggests putting in a good word for her with the man who runs the local youth centre Andrea is happy to be given a chance to dance again--that is until she finds out she needs to audition for the job. To make things worse, the moment she walks into the room and sees Harmon Gale--she knows she is in big trouble.

Harmon Gale, ex boxer turned teacher to troubled youth, has his hands full with running the centre and being a single father to his thirteen going on thirty year old daughter Niki. When Andrea Nichols walks into the centre for her audition, Harmon loses his heart immediately but is Andrea willing to give him a chance or will she simply keep her wall up and run?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00