Aiden is a seeker, she can track things, and people. She does this because she of her less than human abilities, which have gained her a stalker, who seems to have the uncanny knack of finding her, no matter where she goes. (Perhaps he too is a seeker?). Aiden is a werewolf who has been trapped and kept in a dungeon under a castle for months, his kidnappers want him to change into his wolf form so they can extract his blood, which is the key component in the latest designer drug. Unfortunately for Aiden, as a born not bitten werewolf, his blood is so powerful that the greedy dealers intend to drain him dry. So for months he has been resisting the urge to change, but getting weaker.

Shayla, hoped that taking a job in Scotland would put her well away from her stalker, then she finds Aiden, chained up in a dungeon, clearly not there by choice.

There was something about the style of the narrative that kept losing me. I'd go a few lines and realize that I'd missed bits of what was happening. There were also far too many misunderstandings between Shayla and Aiden, as the plot had plenty of other fodder to keep the story flowing; from stalkers, to drug dealing humans, and more. Though it was an understandable facet of the plot, that Aiden was hesitant about hoping that Shayla might be his mate, I found myself irritated that he and Shayla couldn't just lay their cards on the table and explain everything to each other. I was drawn into the story and certainly emotionally invested in the plot and characters. I would also be interested in anything else this author has written.

Book Blurb for Coveted

Discover what happens when a woman stumbles across a Scottish werewolf imprisoned in a thousand-year old dungeon. Magic and mayhem, not to mention a lot of kick-ass action and some sexy hijinks, of course.

Pack alpha Aiden vows to do whatever necessary to protect his people. When he discovers a plot to harvest blood from his wolves to create the ultimate drug, he's determined to stop them at any cost. And quickly finds himself taken captive. After months in prison, Aiden barely manages to hang onto his sanity. The last thing he expects is a shapely little human to come to his rescue and bring out all his protective instincts.

Shayla is being stalked because of her abilities as a seeker. When offered a job in Scotland, she leaps at the chance to escape. With danger pursuing her at every turn, she must decide if she could give up her magic in order to live a safe, ordinary life. Never in her wildest fantasies did she expect to find a feral-looking man imprisoned in a thousand-year-old dungeon...or be so wildly attracted to him. She didn't need more trouble, but when fate presents the means to help him escape, she doesn't hesitate.

Now they are both being hunted, and Aiden is determined to do everything in his power to protect Shayla...and seduce her into becoming his mate. As the danger intensifies, Aiden begins to suspect that Shayla might be the key to saving not only his people but also the future of his race...if he could keep her alive long enough.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50