Come Back to Me

When Erin and Ryan met, he was on an undercover assignment and to get close to the woman he was assigned to protect, he dated Erin. While they were together, he professed himself in love. But it was all pretense, their whole relationship was based on deceit. At the end of Ryan's job, he confessed why he'd really got close to her, and she broke off their fake engagement. With a broken heart, Erin and her friend Aileen, go on a singles cruise, on the same date she would have been on her honeymoon. When Erin spots Ryan on board with a stunning blonde, her first reaction is white hot rage, and then she realizes that he must be on assignment. Ryan is using the opportunity while babysitting a spoilt socialite, to win back Erin's heart. But does he ever consider that he doesn't deserve her in the first place? A dangerous psychopathic serial killer complicates Ryan's efforts to get Erin to forgive him. For once the sheer menace of the psychopath is so realistic that I not only got chills, but really pitied his victims. He is paid to pick out women according to set specifications regarding their ages and appearance, abduct them and through rape and torture, `train' them into submission. These missing women all disappear from cruises travelling on a particular route. The same route Erin and her friend are travelling on.

I found myself more caught up in the plotline regarding the psychopath and the women being kidnapped into the sex industry, than Erin's and Ryan's romance. I did hope that she would make him seriously grovel for several months at least and let her over protective brother's deal with him. I was angry at the way he treated her and his arrogant assumption that an explanation would put right all the wrong he'd done her; and she'd just fall into his bed and they could carry on where they'd left off. I understand that working undercover requires discretion, but when you fall in love with someone you are basically using, it would have been the right thing to confess everything, and not just blithely get on with your job. So I didn't care how sexy he found her, or how jealous he got at overhearing comments from other men on board the ship who found Erin just as attractive. He deserved to be put through the wringer. Unfortunately Ryan is Erin's weakness, and when it comes to him she's as tough as melted butter.

The author has a really deft touch with the suspenseful elements in the story and I was completely drawn into this gripping and entertaining book.

Book Blurb for Come Back to Me

What better way to get over an ex-fiancé than to trade honeymoon cruise tickets for passage on a single's cruise? That's what Erin Brady thought until she spotted her ex-fiancé entering a cabin down the hall from hers with another woman.

Ryan McKinnon boards the ship disguised as a bodyguard to an heiress. He is really there to win back his former fiancée, Erin.

Then news of women who have disappeared from Noble cruises forces Ryan and Erin to work together.

Can they overcome their past? What will happen when Ryan discovers Erin has been keeping her own secrets?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.25