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Chances Are


I give Kudos to the author Ms. Hill for writing a romance with such an original story for a romance novel. Seventeen year old Dione Williams is a middle class black American. At the beginning of the book her father almost beats her to death when she confesses that she is pregnant. Only her mother's intervention saves her and her mother packs all her clothes into a suitcase pushes an envelope with money into her hand, and tells her that her father wants her out of the house for good. Years later Dionne has made a success of her life and is the director and founder of 'Chances Are' a home for single young mothers, which encourages mothers to finish their education gives them the support to raise their children and teaches them the skills such as budgeting and cooking to allow them to leave and stand on their own two feet.

When 'Chances Are' runs into financial difficulties Dionne reluctantly allows a production company to produce a documentary on the home, in the hope that the publicity will secure much needed funding. Garrett Lawrence is the producer of a small independent film company who hopes that the documentary will help him secure funding for his company. Garrett has low opinions on single mothers, and starts out with the preconceived idea that people like Dionne are do-gooders who are wasting their time helping irresponsible young women like his mother who abandoned him within hours of his birth. Dionne is amazed that she can be attracted to someone who has such a skewered view on her work and ideals, not to mention his lack of understanding of the lack of opportunities open to pregnant young women whose families have abandoned them. Together they manage to overcome their past fears and face the future with some help from Dionne's college student daughter.

Book Blurb for Chances Are

A test of passion.

Dione Williams knew what it was like to be young and pregnant with nowhere to go. Years later, through hard work and sheer force of will, she had provided a good life for her daughter and started a successful home for teenage mothers and their babies. But from the moment television producer Garrett Lawrence began a story on the teen center, Dione's hard-won confidence was shaken. How could a man she found so attractive and intelligent be so cynical about unwed mothers? Battling her conflicted emotions, Dione would have to defend the work she believed in-even if it cost her a love that promised a lifetime of happiness.

A test of love.

Garrett didn't think much of "irresponsible" teen mothers. He knew firsthand the misery of being given away and searching for the acceptance he never could seem to find. Although he found himself drawn closer and closer to Dione because of her independence and passionate determination, his painful past kept getting in the way. Now Garrett and Dione must find their way to each other through a search only the heart can undertake-and only love can bring.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00