By Instinct Alone

When lawyer Devine Wilson and the police officer Heath Maxwell who stopped her, survive an animal attack their lives are irrevocably changed. Devine is a strong woman who resents the changes that the results of the attack mean to her life. She is determined to carry on with her life regardless. I liked the fact that Devine is not one of those timid women who are only of use in a crisis; if there is ever a particular need for shrill screaming and hysteria.

She defends Heath when the creature attacks him and has the sense to call for help. Devine and Heath have an emotional link that soon is clearly more than that felt by two people who shared a horrible experience. Devine doesn't know if she can trust Heath's intense feelings towards her. Are they genuine or another result of the changes they have experienced? Heath believes that Devine is crucial to his personal happiness, but he cannot force her to feel the way he does. To be honest Devine reacts in a completely believable way, realizing that there is no point in being upset or angry at events she has no control over, and who doesn't realize that trying to carry on with her life with only a few minor adjustments is a form of avoidance.

This is an enjoyable and thought provoking romance, for anyone who loves shifter romances.

Book Blurb for By Instinct Alone

For Defense Attorney Divine Wilson, it was one doozy of a night.

While giving a ride to a strange woman begging to go to the tiny town of Wolf River, she gets pulled over by Heath, a sexy Highway Patrol Officer. Predictably, her ride slips out and disappears into the woods leaving Divine to deal with the policeman’s endless questions.

But right in the middle of their exchange, the two are attacked by a large, predatory creature. They barely survive the encounter. But healing from their wounds is only half the battle because neither one of them is human anymore.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75