Bump 'n' Grind

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Bump 'n' Grind

A companion story to Bits 'n' Bytes.

Felicia Jefferies is a divorcee whose friends think needs to get out more and enjoy herself. To mark her forty-fifth birthday her friends take Felicia to a strip club and arrange for her to have a lap dance. Felicia is firstly completely out of her comfort zone, but Garratt a handsome male dancer makes it clear that his interest in her is neither faked nor casual.

As Felicia and Garratt get closer, Felicia has one group of friends cheering her on with gaining cougar status. The country club set and other casual acquaintances aren't slow in showing or voicing their disapproval that she is dating an obviously younger man.

One man who has been pursuing Felicia for years, just cannot accept that she isn't interested in him. His jealousy sends him into full stalker mode and causes trouble in the paradise of Felicia and Garratt's relationship.

This is an enjoyable romance which showcases the whole double standard towards relationships between older women and younger men. Felicia and Garratt are great characters, and the book is a fun read that manages to be thought provoking too.

Book Blurb for Bump 'n' Grind

Felicia Jeffries is turning forty-five and her friends have dragged her to a male strip club to celebrate. She’d prefer to be hiding in a dark corner. Instead, she finds herself on stage, dirty dancing with a sexy hottie whose smoldering glances tell Felicia that he couldn’t care less about the difference in their ages.

Garrett Holcomb has always liked older women. He enjoys convincing them that their bodies’ natural changes are sexy. When Felicia slides her attractive body against his in the dance club, he knows they’re meant to be together.

But someone else doesn’t think their love is healthy. And he’ll do anything to make sure they miss out on the future they want together. Including nearly murdering a man and pinning the attack on Garrett.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Namaste, My Love, and has been considerably revised for Ellora’s Cave. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75